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conservation of butterflies

Posted by saumya on July 25, 2011 at 9:27 AM

Here are a few simple ways to conserve butterflies.

1. Let the water run

No sound attracts wildlife like running water. Add a small gurgling water source to your yard, and backyard birds will flock to your home!


2. Cater to caterpillars

Grow the plants caterpillars crave as food: milkweed for Monarchs, dill for Swallowtails, pussytoes for Painted Ladies. As you feed caterpillars, you'll be growing butterflies!


3. Leave those leaves

When autumn's leaves fall, leave generous piles in corners, atop beds. It's great mulch, and a winter hibernation spot for butterflies, bees, and more. A messy winter garden is great habitat for small creatures.

4. A sweet idea

Purchase a hummingbird and/or a butterfly feeder, stock it with homemade nectar (sugar water), and enjoy watching these nectar-sippers at work.

5. Spray? No way!

Pesticides harm valuable insects, not just the pest you've targeted. And the potential impact of chemicals on children and pets is still unknown. To restore ecological balance, minimize or end your use of sprays.

6. A tree-mendous idea

Feed birds naturally by planting the trees that produce wildlife-friendly fruits and seeds: pines, oaks, walnuts, fruit trees. Dogwood's red berries, for example, are winter food for as many as 90 species of birds.

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1 Comment

Reply Somya Sangal Apeejay Pitampura
8:22 AM on July 26, 2011 
I very much agree with you saumya. In the vicinity of our school we have the mulberry tree which is home to various caterpillars . I find these ways of conserving butterflies very intersting.