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Posted by aakarsha handa on July 7, 2011 at 8:23 AM

Hello everyone

This blog will show all the posts , photo albums and videos contributed to the butterflies by the students of St. Mark's Girls Sr. Sec. School.

Aakarsha Handa


1.Butterfly Facts : Butterflies don't have Wings.

2.Butterfly Facts : Butterfly doesn't spin a cocoon.

3.Butterfly Facts : Wings that can hear!

4.Butterfly Facts : Butterflies cannot fly if their body temperature is less than 86 degrees.

5.Butterfly Facts : Strange feeding habits!

6.Butterfly Facts : The chrysalis that sings.

7.Getting to know more people. . .

8.Butterfly Facts : Butterfly tricks.

9.Butterfly Facts : The wierdest caterpillars on earth.

10.Butterfly Facts : Butterfly eyes!!

11.Our first visit to . . . 

12.Butterfly Facts : Skipper-butterfly or a moth??

13.Butterfly Conservation through Organisations and Societies in India

14.Summary of the Blogs


1.Butterflies of Delhi - Nymphalidae

2.Butterflies of Delhi - Pieridae

3.Butterflies of Delhi -Pachliopta

4.Butterflies of Delhi - Papilionidae

5.Earth Day Celebrations.

6.Butterflies clicked at Gurgaon.

7.In my garden. . .

8.Host Plants of Philippine butterflies


1.Plant a Butterfly

2.Our students putting the first step forward towards Plant a Butterfly

3.Intro Video

4.Inside a Cocoon . . 

5.Moth caterpillar tyurning into a chrysalis.

6.Life Cycle of a Moth

7.Life Cycle of a Butterfly

8.Moth emerging from a cocoon

9.Monarch Butterfly Pupal Stage

10.Butterfly drinking nectar

11.Butterfly eating orange.

Sukriti Sukhija


1.Butterflies found in India - Common Leopard Butterfly

2.Butterflies found in India - Plain Tiger Buttterfly

3.Butterflies found in India - Peacock Pansy Butterfly

4.Butterflies found in India - Small Orange Tip Butterfly

5.Butterflies found in India - Skipper Butterflies

6.Butterflies found in India - Large Cabbage White Butterfly

7.Butterflies found in India - Common Wanderer Butterfly

8.Butterflies found in India - Common Emigrant Butterfly

9.Butterflies found in India - Common Grass Yellow Butterfly

10.Butterflies found in India - Crimson Tip Butterfly

11.Butterflies found in India - Blue Tiger Butterfly

12.Butterflies found in India - Common Line Blue Butterfly

13.Butterflies found in India - Blue Pansy Butterfly

14.Butterflies found in India - Chocolate Pnsy Butterfly

15.Butterflies found in India - Pea Blue Butterfly

16.Butterflies of Inida - Common Crow Butterfly


1.Yamuna Biodiversity Park

2.In my nearby garden . . .

3.Pics of Butterflies.


1.Butterflies of Kenya

2.Blue Pansy Butterfly

3.Pupation of Common Grass Yellow Butterfly

4.Cabbage White Butterfly

5.Peacock Pansy Butterfly 

6.Egg hatching of a Skipper Butterfly

Namrata Pandey


1.World of Incredible Butterflies - Karner Blue Butterfly

2.World of Incredible Butterflies - Silver Studded Blue Butterfly

3.World of Incredible Butterflies - Development of wings in Butterflies

4.World of Incredible Butterflies - Dependence of butterflies on Outside Warmth.

5.World of Incredible Butterflies - Defending from predators

6.World of Incredible Butterflies - Butterfly diet

7.World of Incredible Butterflies - Butterfly Reproduction

8.World of Incredible Butterflies - Butterfly Body Parts


1.Yamuna Biodiversity Park ( 3 )



4.Body Parts


1.Red Admiral Butterfly

2.Monarch Butterfly Migration

3.Venomous Butterflies

4.Butterfly Reproducing

5.Butterfly Mating

Preet Kaur


1.Butterflies Forever


1. Butterfly in Art - Tatoos

2.Butterfly in Art - Wind Chimes

3.Butterfly shoes

4.Butterfly rings

5,Butterfly in Art - Lamps

6.Butterfly in Art -Clips

7.Butterfly Watches

8.Butterfly Cakes

9.Butterfly Wallpapers

10.Butterfly in Art - Jewellery

So , this is the contribution from our school and our students.

thank you


Aakarsha Handa

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Reply aakarsha handa
11:53 AM on July 11, 2011 
Thank you so much , mam!After all , it was you who encouraged us and helped us throughout!And yes , teamwork is really important and we hope that we keep working on with cooperation and hard work.
Reply Edith Flores Wolff
1:54 AM on July 11, 2011 
Now that I am revisiting the blogs for the past months, I am not only discovering the world of butterflies but the art of blogging of members. The four of you at your school have maintained a very transparent way of blogging. Titles are very direct and most of you have dealt with your own topics and sticked to it. It makes reading a lot easier as one can find structure in it. You have sticked to portraying butterflies; blogs and videos. Sukriti concentrated about the different families of butterflies. Namrata wrote also about the incredible world of butterflies and Preet concentrated in Arts. Thank you so much to all of you. A very good team to work with!