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Poems of Wolfgang von Goethe

Posted by Manjyot kaur on October 4, 2012 at 2:25 PM

Here are some nice poems of the famous poet and writer of germany ,Wolfgang von Goethe -

The Lovely Night


Now I leave this little hut,

Where my beloved lives,

Walking now with veiled steps

Through the shadowy leaves.

Luna shines through bush and oak,

Zephyr proclaims her path,

And the birch trees bowing low

Shed incense on her track.

How beautiful the coolness

Of this lovely summer night!

How the soul fills with happiness

In this true place of quiet!

I can scarcely grasp the bliss!

Yet, Heaven, I would shun

A thousand nights like this,

If my darling granted one.


May Song


How sweetly Nature

Brightens round me!

How the sun’s shining!

How the fields gleam!


Blossoms are bursting

From every leaf,

Thousands of voices

From bushes beneath,


And joy and bliss

From every eye.

O Earth, O Sun!

O Joy, O Delight.


O Love, O Love!

So golden fair,

Like morning clouds

On the hillside there!


Your splendour blesses

The fields so fresh,

The whole wide world

In a blossoming mist.


O Darling, Darling,

How I love you!

How your eyes shine!

How you love too!


So the lark loves

Singing on high,

And flowers at dawn

The scented sky,


As I love you

With veins on fire,

You who give me

Youth, Joy, Desire


For new dances

New poetry.

Be happy forever,

As you love me!



Welcome and Farewell


My heart was beating, swiftly to horse!

Faster even than thought it was done.

Already evening cradled earth’s course,

And night hung over the mountain cone:

Already the misty oak-tree stood,

A vast giant, towering upwards there,

Where from out the shadowy wood

A hundred dark eyes seemed to stare.


From a bank of cloud the Moon gazed,

Sadly out of the mist about her,

The winds beat soft wings, and strayed

Around my terror-stricken ears:

The night begot a thousand monsters,

But my spirit was joyful, lively:

Deep inside my veins what fire!

Deep inside my heart what heat!


I saw you, and full measure of bliss

Flowed to me from your sweet eyes:

I drew for you my every breath,

My heart was wholly on your side.

Springtime’s rose-red glow, it shone

All about your lovely face, lit

Tenderly for me – dear God!

I had hoped, but not deserved it!

But ah, already at morning light

My heart was crushed in parting:

In your kisses what delight!

In your eyes what suffering!

I went, you stood, looked from above,

And saw me go with tearful gaze:

And yet what joy to be loved!

Dear God, to love what happiness!


The Rose-Bush on The Moor


A lad he saw a rose-bush growing,

Rose-bush on the moor,

Young and lovely as the morning,

Quick he ran to see it glowing,

With delight he saw.

Rose-bush, rose-bush, rose-bush red,

Rose-bush on the moor.


Said the lad: I’ll pick your bloom,

Rose-bush on the moor!

Said the rose: ‘Ah, I’ll prick you,

So you will remember true,

I’ll let you do no more.

Rose-bush, rose-bush, rose-bush red,

Rose-bush on the moor.


Then her bloom the cruel lad picked,

The rose-bush on the moor:

To protect herself she pricked,

Cried, sighed, in vain, but quickly

Could defend no more.

Rose-bush, rose-bush, rose-bush red,

Rose-bush on the moor.



The Violet


A violet in the meadow grew,

Bowed to earth, and hid from view:

It was a dear sweet violet.

Along came a young shepherdess

Free of heart, and light of step,

Came by, came by,

Singing, through the flowers.


Oh! Thought the violet, were I,

If only for a little while,

Nature’s sweetest flower yet,

Till my Beloved picked me, pressed

Me fainting, dying to her breast!

So I might lie,

There, for but an hour!


Alas! Alas! The girl went past:

Unseen the violet in the grass,

Was crushed, poor violet.

It drooped and died, and yet it cried:

‘And though I die, yet still I die

By her, by her,

By her feet passing by.’




The Artist’s Evening Song


Oh, for some inner creative force

Through my mind, echoing!

That through my hands might course

A sap-filled blossoming.


I only shudder, I only stutter,

And yet can’t halt: at last,

I feel I know you, Nature,

And must hold you fast.


When I think how all these years

My powers have been growing,

And where barren heath appeared

Now streams of joy are flowing:


How I yearn for you, Nature, then,

And long for you, with faith and love!

For me you’ll be the leaping fountain,

A thousand springs will hurl above.


And every single power

In my mind you’ll heighten,

And this narrow being-here

To Eternity you’ll widen.


New Love, New Life


Heart, my heart, what can it mean?

What could trouble you so?

What a strange new life, it seems!

You, I no longer know.

Everything you loved is done,

Everything that grieved you,

All your work and peace is gone –

How could this overtake you!


Are you caught by lovely youth

By that beloved form,

By those eyes so good and true,

By that all-powerful force?

When I try to run away,

Collect myself and flee,

In a moment my path strays

Back to her you see.


By that magic thread, so

That cannot be untied,

The dear wanton girl, oh

She holds me fast: and I

Must lie within her magic spell

And live where she may go.

How great the change, I tell!

Love! Love! Let me go!


To Belinda


Oh, why do you draw me, irresistibly,

Into all this magnificence?

Was I not living happy, virtuously,

In midnight’s solitariness?


Quietly secluded in my chamber,

In the moonlight I lay,

Drowned in its shining shower,

Into which I’d stray:

Dreaming of hours, golden, filled

With unmixed delight,

Your sweet form now so distilled

Deep within my mind.


Can it be me that you imprison

Among all these lights?

Made to hold the insufferable vision

Of faces forever in sight?


The springtime blossom in the meadow

Charms me less by far:

Where you are, Angel, is Love, and Virtue,

Nature is where you are.



‘Holde Lili, warst so lang’


Sweetest Lili, for so long

All my joy and all my song!

Ah, now, all my pain, yet you

Are still all my singing too.



The Traveller’s Night Song I


You who are from Heaven above

Calming all our pain and sorrow,

Him who’s spirit’s doubly hurt,

Renewing, with a double measure.

Oh, I’m weary of life’s urging!

Why, now, all this joy and pain?

Sweetest Peace,

Flood: oh flood my heart again!



The Traveller’s Night Song II


Over all the hill-tops

Is Rest,

In all the tree-tops

You can feel

Scarcely a breath:

The little birds quiet in the leaves.

Wait now, soon you

Too will have peace.



The Fisherman


The waters hissed, the waters rose,

The Fisherman alongside,

Quietly gazing at his rod,

Cool at heart, inside.

And as he listens, as he sits,

The waters split and rise:

Out of the flowing waters hiss

A mermaid meets his eyes.


She sang to him, she spoke to him:

‘Why do you lure my children

With human art and cunning,

Up to their warm extinction?

Ah, if you knew how snugly

Little fish live in the deep,

You yourself would join me,

You’d be happy indeed.


Doesn’t the sweet Sun bathe

And the Moon, here, in the sea?

Show with the waves they breathe

Faces doubly bright to see?

Doesn’t this heavenly deep,

Lure you, this rain-clear blue?

Doesn’t your own gaze leap

Drawn down to eternal dew?’

The water hissed, the water rose

Wetting his naked feet:

His heart so full of yearning, oh,

As if him his Love did greet.

She spoke to him, she sang to him:

All was soon done, and o’er:

She half pulling, he half sinking,

And he was seen nevermore.


The ErlKing


Who rides so late through the wind and night?

It’s a father with his child so light:

He clasps the boy close in his arms,

Holds him fast, and keeps him warm.


‘My son, why hide your face, all scared? –

‘Don’t you see, Father, the Erlking’s there,

The Alder-King with his crown and robe?’ –

‘My son, it’s the trail of mist that flows’. –


‘Come, dear child, come along with me!

The games we’ll play will be fine and lovely:

There’s many a bright flower by the water,

Many gold garments has my Mother.’


‘And Father, my Father, can’t you hear

What the Erlking’s whispering in my ear?’ –

‘Peace, peace, my child, you’re listening

To those dry leaves rustling in the wind.’-


‘Fine lad, won’t you come along with me?

My lovely daughters your slaves shall be:

My daughters dance every night, and they

Will rock you, sing you, dance you away.’


‘And Father, my Father, can’t you see where

The Erlking’s daughters stand shadowy there? –

‘My Son, my Son, I can see them plain:

It’s the ancient Willow-trees shining grey.’


‘I love you, I’m charmed by your lovely form:

And if you’re not willing, I’ll have to use force.’

‘Father, my Father, he’s gripped me at last!

The Erlking’s hurting me, holding me fast! –


The Father shudders, faster he rides,

Holding the moaning child so tight,

Reaching the house, in fear and dread:

But in his arms the child lies dead.


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Reply Guarav
7:23 AM on July 9, 2015 
Hi the poems are nice and touching. They will be more beautiful it they could be explained.....................
Reply Azil Shane De Leon
10:28 AM on March 27, 2013 
Wolfgang Von Goethe has a wide imaginations, for him to create such a very good poems. :)
Reply Adellie Eve Labrador
8:24 PM on November 10, 2012 
Germany have really good poems.
Reply Japtegh Singh
11:49 AM on October 28, 2012 
Very informative Blog, Manjyot! Thank You! :D
Reply Jeline
8:00 AM on October 24, 2012 
If we focus to its team, we can understand more the presence of its idea :D . I do Like this ! :D
Reply Vanshika Agarwal
7:57 AM on October 6, 2012 
I agree with Shreya.........Manjyot looking forward towards the explanation..........
Reply Noneluna Lagumbay-Mirang
7:50 AM on October 6, 2012 
Goethe?s poetry contributes to the literary glimpse in Germany. Most of his poetry is set to music by almost every German composer like Mozart and Mahler. During my research, my attention was caught by one of his poems entitled ?To Luna? as it has similarity to my name. When I pondered over it, I could conclude that Goethe is such a romantic poet. The poem presents how the past and present, the conscious and unconscious, intertwined in creative interchange. You can view the poem on this link..........
Reply Shreya Gulati ੴ
2:21 PM on October 5, 2012 
Really nice poems... Kindly explain each poem a bit please to make us more clear :)